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Motorways and Roads

Ardanuy Ingeniería S.A., during the last few years, has notably increased its presence in the drafting of projects for motorways, roads and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) platforms, both nationally and in other countries, mainly in Europe and Latin America.

The Civil Works department has a multidisciplinary technical team capable of carrying out all of the phases that form part of the writing of a construction project for motorways, highways, roads and/or urban roads. These tasks cover the undertaking of topographical works for the attainment of a reliable cartographical base, geotechnical campaign planning, field work supervision and the drawing up of the geological and geotechnical studies. From this information design for axis alignment is carried out using the Ispol Istram software, as is the calculation and design of drains, the road surface study, horizontal and vertical signalling, structures, utilities diversion, etc.

As reference projects carried out by Ardanuy Ingeniería S.A. worth highlighting is the Construction Project for conditioning the rail crossing at Motilla del Palancar, pointing out, mainly, the projects of greatest size carried out, or in the process of implementation in Poland. The most notable amongst those is the Detailed Design for the ring road in the city of Radom, in which the road runs along 10km, consisting of 2 lanes in each direction.

In terms of BRT system design, the design and/or works supervision contracts worth mentioning include: Morones-Prieto (Mexico); Cali and Medellin (Colombia).