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Ardanuy is a company specialised in the field of engineering consultancy, currently offering its services to diverse engineering sectors, the most noteworthy being energy and transport, particularly railways and urban transport.

In addition to this, a specific Research, Development and Innovation plan (R+D+i) has been developed. We might highlight the following projects as the most important already developed and available:

  • RailPower and Traction 25kV, software to perform power dimensioning studies on electrified railways lines using direct and alternating current respectively.
  • AutoElec, an application for automatic positioning of elements of the aerial contact wire along the length of a railway route.
  • Rail KM, is a geographical information system software focus on rail infraestructure, superestructure, stations and depots. It permits the access via web to all information: drawing, pictures, videos, technical characteristics and so on.
  • InfoProject, documentation management system for the performance of engineering projects.
  • RailGetaway,software for the simulation of people transit in large areas, in emergency and conventional situations, which simulates the individual movement of persons through geometrically defined spaces.
  • ConRail,computer tool for the economical feasibility study of railways lines.

Although Ardanuy Engineering’s basic function is to offer specialised consultancy services on railway engineering, the company also makes a particular effort in terms of human and material resources in order to foster the resident I+D+i department.