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The Department of Architecture, Construction and Town Planning of Ardanuy Ingeniería, S.A. offers a wide range of services: site location, feasibility and technical studies, designs (based on BIM technology) and projects, work supervision and administration (on behalf of the owner), technical support and advice, project management, pathology studies, safety and health studies, etc. The company is involved in projects for Hotels, Residences, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Office and Residential Buildings, Plants, Industrial Park Planning, Alteration, Rehabilitation and Restructuring of Buildings..

The department carries out the complete execution concerning new buildings, both architectural and artistic design as well as all the engineering aspects: floor mechanics, structures, topographical survey, etc. These projects also include high-technology services and the corresponding electrical and mechanical facilities: integrated control, air conditioning and heating, fire protection, transformation centres, low tension and lighting, electrical equipments, telecommunications, drinking water, sanitary hot water, communications and systems to avoid pey practice of professions.

Many projects in this field can be highlighted: town-planning parks, universities, hotels, offices, residential buildings, restoration of historical buildings and many rail and underground stations, as for example: the new library of the Universidad de Navarra (15,000 m²), the new ADIF’s station Término de Cádiz, and the supervision of the installations of the new hospitals (Norte, Sur and Santa Cruz) in Tenerife.

In these projects, as well as for railway projects, the company has collaborated with other construction companies: ACS, ACCIONA, FCC, COMSA, OHL, etc. and with some administrations: IASS (Social and Health Services Institute) of the Cabildo de Tenerife [Tenerife Local Government].