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Simulated evacuation of buildings and stations
Ardanuy Ingeniería uses a program for the simulation of an evacuation of people from large areas, simulating the individual movements of people through geometrically defined spaces.

The program allows the user to create a 3-D model of a building by using a number of CAD-designed floor plans, connected by staircases. The program will automatically calculate all travel distances and routes throughout the building space.

Occupation is defined based on the specific needs of the project, making it possible to evaluate the surroundings and exceptional occupation conditions. The occupants are placed into the building, either one-by-one or as groups, and they can be characterized individually or as a group.

When the building population has been defined, and the potential routes calculated, then a simulation can be carried out. The algorithms for the movement of individuals are based on real-life data, collected by using computer-based techniques for the analysis of human movement, observed in real-life footage, allowing us to obtain results close to those obtained in an emergency simulacrum.