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Info Project

The tool allows access, through the internet, by means of a simple interface, to the documentation of a project, both to clients as well as employees. Reports, plans or minutes of meetings are available to the client, very quickly and from any place with access to the internet, for downloading to PDF files. The employees can use it as a consultation library, in the office or outside, without necessity of looking for information in large paper files.

Furthermore, and to be able to facilitate the conversion of documents to PDF, an auxiliary tool has been created, capable of converting large quantities of documents (Word, Excel, Autocad, Presto etc) to PDF automatically.

The Research and Development Department of Ardanuy Ingeniería, taking advantage of the new technologies and of the expansion of the internet, is trying to provide better organisation to companies so as to avoid software installation in teams and so that information can be consulted from any part of the world.

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