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The large diversity of technological disciplines and projects, in which Ardanuy Ingenería S.A has shown its efficiency, is the best example of the strength with which Ardanuy Ingeniería S.A. is capable of undertaking the most varied technological challenges.

For this, it has always been supported both by the training of its professional workers as well as investment in Research and Development, to which it dedicates each year more than 10% of working hours.

It is be worth highlighting the following relevant projects:

RailPower, software to carry out electrical variable studies for railway lines supplied with a continuous and alternative electric current.
AutoElec, application to automatically position the elements of the contact aerial line along the railway route.
RailGetaway, software for the simulation of people transit in large areas, in emergency and conventional situations, which simulates the individual movement of persons through geometrically defined spaces.
InfoProject, system of documental management for the implementation of engineering projects
RAILKM, is a geographical information system software focus on rail infraestructure, superestructure, stations and depots. It permits the access via web to all information: drawing, pictures, videos, technical characteristics and so on. 
ConRail, computer tool for the economical feasibility study of railways lines.