The company was founded in December 1992. Over the course of these 23 years it has carried out more than 1000 projects in Spain and around the world with a sales volume in 2015 of more than 12 Million Euros. Approximately 90% of that figure from international contracts, involving many large railway projects for high speed lines, conventional lines, undergrounds, tramway and cable cars along with Electrical, Building and Motorway engineering projects.
5% of the turnover is reinvested into R+D+I, for the development of specific software such as RailPower, AutoElec, SimOLE, RailTraffic, RAILKM (GIS), etc.
With interest in obtaining more international experience, the company created subsidiaries in Lithuania (2003), India (2007), Algeria (2010), Colombia (2010), USA (2010) and Panama (2015).
Currently the company comprises more than 150 people, of whom 80% are highly qualified engineers.

Supervision of the Design, Construction and Commissioning of three lines of the La Paz to El Alto Cable Car system (Bolivia).

ARDANUY is participating in the International Seminar “Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Urban Development in Peru” with a lecture on: A Cable Accessibility System (Urban cable cars). The event aims to train local government officials and technical staff on Urban Management and Risk Management in urban areas, instrumentation and implementation, and will take place on July 7th-8th in the “27 de Enero” Convention Centre of San Borja, Lima, Peru.


The Consortium Geocontrol-Ardanuy-CIS, under responsibility of the State Railway Company, developed a technical-economic study of the alternatives for a new railway corridor that would allow transport of passengers and freight between the coastal city of Valparaiso and the capital in less than fifty minutes. The budget range is between 2,400 and 3,200 million dollars.


Ardanuy has successfully completed the feasibility study and detailed design for the rehabilitation of the Machipanda Railway Line in Mozambique (317 km from the port of Beira to the border of Zimbabwe)


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