The company was founded in December 1992. Over the course of these 21 years it has carried out more than 900 projects in Spain and around the world with a sales volume in 2013 close to 10m euros, 90% of that figure from international contracts.

Ardanuy has been involved in many large railway projects for high speed lines, conventional lines, undergrounds and tram systems along with energy (electricity, oil and gas), building and motorway projects.

5% of profits are reinvested into Research and Development and the development of specific software such as RailPower, RailTraffic, AutoElec, RAILKM (GIS), analysis RAM, etc.

With interest in obtaining more international experience, the company created subsidiaries in Lithuania (2003), Poland (2006), India (2007), Argelia (2010), Colombia (2010), USA (2010) and Brazil (2013).

Currently the company comprises more than 120 people, of whom 80% are highly qualified engineers.

Supervision of the Design, Construction and Commissioning of three lines of the La Paz to El Alto Cable Car system (Bolivia).

Ardanuy Ingeniería, first entity accredited by ENAC for certifying railway safety in 3 railway subsystems.


Commercial service will begin on the Red Line on the 1st of May. This is the first of the project’s three lines, and is currently in the operational testing phase.


Ardanuy Ingeniería continues its international expansion, with the achievement, in October, of approved supplier status in the Achilles international database. This achievement of approved supplier status authorises Ardanuy to provide services to important infrastructure managers in the UK, such as Network Rail or London Underground.


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